Mineral Valuation Dates
Listed are the dates our appraisers will finalize valuations and ultimately release those values to the appropriate county.
County Appraiser Cut-off Date Released
Brown Michael Parks 04.05.2024 Yes
Cameron Ricardo Guzman 04.26.2024 Yes
Carson William Hefner 04.21.2024 Yes
Coleman Michael Parks 04.14.2024 Yes
Comanche Michael Parks 04.16.2024 Yes
Concho Julie Forté 04.17.2024 Yes
Crane Julie Forté 04.12.2024 Yes
Crosby Julie Forté 04.10.2024 Yes
Glasscock Will Hefner 05.14.2024 Yes
Hale Stephen Campbell 05.13.2024 Yes
Hartley Will Hefner 04.28.2024 Yes
Henderson Stephen Campbell 04.30.2024 Yes
Hidalgo Santiago Solis 04.15.2024 Yes
Hill Stephen Campbell 04.22.2024 Yes
Howard Alex Gonzales 05.13.2024 Yes
Jim Wells Ricardo Guzman 05.07.2024 Yes
Kimble Michael Parks 04.20.2024 Yes
Maverick Ricardo Guzman 04.03.2024 Yes
Mitchell Julie Forté 04.25.2024 Yes
Moore Will Hefner 04.28.2024 Yes
Nueces Ricardo Guzman 04.08.2024 Yes
Pecos Julie Forté 04.22.2024 Yes
Real Ricardo Guzman 04.26.2024 Yes
Schleicher Stephen Campbell 05.10.2024 Yes
Stephens Michael Parks 04.15.2024 Yes
Sutton Alex Gonzales 05.10.2024 Yes
Terrell Julie Forte 04.25.2024 Yes
Throckmorton Michael Parks 04.21.2024 Yes
Titus Stephen Campbell 05.01.2024 Yes
Washington Michael Parks 04.26.2023 Yes
Wharton Will Hefner 05.04.2024 Yes
Willacy Ricardo Guzman 05.02.2024 Yes
Wilson Michael Parks 04.15.2024 Yes
Yoakum Julie Forté 04.12.2024 Yes